US cyclist struck by stray bullet from nearby shooting

Dashcam footage has captured the bizarre and disturbing moment a cyclist was struck by a bullet during a casual cycling journey in New Orleans.

The video, captured by a cyclist riding behind the extremely unfortunate Christopher Weiss, shows a group of bikers taking part in a ride around a suburban area.

But 49-year-old Weiss is then seen suddenly shouting and clutching his lower back - and after a short time, he pulled over to the side of the road. A quick pull-up of his lycra top later, Weiss discovered a welt on his side.

Speaking to a cycling news website, he said he initially thought it was from a paintball.

"I reached back expecting to feel my hand come away with paint and then there was no paint," he told

"Then what went through my head was 'okay, I've been shot' - but it was something worse than a paintball."

Indeed it was - and despite mixed reports, police have confirmed that Mr Weiss had been struck by a bullet fired during a shooting nearby.

"To be clear, I was shot with a bullet, not pellet or BB. There's been muddling over here on that point, and it's much easier for the city if it's not treated as a bullet shooting," he explained.

"For me it's important that the word get out to keep NOPD [New Orleans Police Department] on it, and to try and stop bikers being treated as fodder for target, or at least have the perpetrators think there might be legal repercussions."

Mr Weiss is expected to make a quick recovery from his injury shortly - however he acknowledged how lucky he had been, saying the wound was just a matter of centimetres from his spine.