US woman jumps on windscreen to stop her car being stolen

CCTV footage has captured the incredible moment a woman jumped on top of her car to prevent a thief driving off with it at a Milwaukee petrol station on Tuesday (local time).

Melissa Smith was about to become the victim of a strong-arm burglary - but she refused to accept that her car was being stolen, holding on for dear life when the robber tried to drive off in a rush.

The video footage shows Ms Smith paying for her petrol at the pump when a black sedan drives up alongside her car. A man jumps out of the sedan and into her car, before attempting to speed off with it.

However Ms Smith noticed the robber's attempts and unflinchingly jumped on top of her car bonnet.

The robber carried on trying to make his swift exit, but as he approached the roadside, he realised Ms Smith wasn't going to get off - and when he fled from the vehicle with her purse, she was forced to jump back into the car through the driver's door and put it into park.

Speaking to WTMJ-TV, Ms Smith explained her courageous actions came about because her first thought was "this is not happening to me today".

Milwaukee police are now investigating the incident. They say they wouldn't recommend the Ms Smith's approach to stopping a carjacking, but accepted it was "probably instinctual".