Video: Boy flies off brand new waterslide

Video: Boy flies off brand new waterslide

A new water theme park in California has had a slippery start, with a boy careening off a waterslide only 90 minutes after it opened.

The incident at The Wave, in Dublin, California, was captured on video. The 10-year-old boy is near the end of the three-storey-high Emerald Plunge slide when he slips up onto the edge, slides along on his back before falling onto the concrete.

He gets up pretty quickly, suffering only scratches, reports local paper the Mercury News.

Despite this, state officials have closed three of the park's six waterslides while an investigation is carried out, including the seven-storey 'Riptide Rider'.

"I'm a parent and it was not something you want to see happen," Linda Smith, assistant city manager, told the San Francisco Gate.

"He immediately hopped up and seemed a little stunned, obviously."

The Emerald Plunge has a height limit of only one metre - meaning children as young as six might qualify.

"We are going to make sure before that facility opens that we know the cause and hopefully we can get that answered before the end of this weekend," says Ms Smith.