What would happen if the Queen abdicated?

Rumours have been circulating after an "emergency meeting" was reported by Daily Mail, with people speculating the Queen would be abdicating, or that either the Queen or Prince Philip had died overnight.

The Buckingham Palace denied the reports Queen Elizabeth or Prince Philip had died, saying both were "alive and well".

When she ascended the throne in 1952, Her Majesty vowed to serve for her "whole life". But what would happen if she passed the throne on?

If Queen Elizabeth abdicated, the next in line is her eldest son Charles, Prince of Wales.

He's been the longest-serving heir apparent in British history, holding the position since 1952.

But what if the 68-year-old also decided to abdicate?

Then the throne goes to his son Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, skipping the Queen's three other children.

And if he also abdicates?

It's incredibly unlikely - but little Prince George would succeed, at at the tender age of three.

But it wouldn't make him the youngest British monarch.

That title is held by Mary, Queen of Scots, who became queen in 1542, just six days old.