Woman confronts husband's mistress at Walmart

A US woman has shamed her unfaithful husband and his mistress in the most public of fashions - yelling at them in a Walmart store and sharing footage of it online.

The husband, known simply as Wayne, does not feature for most of the video - with his wife confronting Wayne's mistress alone while she shopped at the retail chain.

After exchanging pleasantries, Wayne's wife asks if she knows who she is - and when she replies no, all hell breaks loose.

"You're breaking up a home. You're cheating with my husband, so how filthy and nasty are you? You're a nasty, filthy cheater!" she yells, as other shoppers look on.

"That's what you do? You go around sleeping with married men with children? Are you a Christian at all or is this what you do for fun?"

After getting booted from the store she makes her way to the car park, where her husband is sitting in his vehicle.

"That's how you do, huh? I had fun with your little broad in there, you f**king cheater," she says, before expressing surprise he'd chosen to be unfaithful with a white woman.

"You're a nasty b*tch. You're nothing but a piece of filth."

It's not clear how Wayne's wife discovered he was being unfaithful, nor how she knew his mistress would be shopping at Walmart.