World's 'oldest human ever' dies 'aged 146'

A heavy smoker who claims to have been born in 1870 - making him the longest living human ever - has died in his small village in Central Java, Indonesia.

Mbah Ghoto, who has a birth certificate verifying that he was born in December 1870 and was thus 146 years-old when he passed away, was taken to hospital in mid-April with deteriorating health - and died less than three weeks later.

There is doubt over the legitimacy of his birth records as Indonesia only started officially recording births in the year 1900 - but officials say they trust his paperwork is correct based on interviews and supplementary documents he provided.

Mr Ghoto was famed for his storytelling and outlived 10 siblings, all his children and his four wives. He was buried on Monday in a plot he reportedly bought many years ago for himself.

He was a heavy smoker, but told the BBC the secret to his long life was that he was patient and had people he loved looking after him.

Independent verification must be undertaken before Mr Ghoto can officially be recognised as the oldest human ever. If it does get confirmed as a legitimate document, he will have outlasted previous record-holder Jeanne Calment, who was 122 at the time of her death, by 24 years.