Aussie reporter racially abused by would-be Melbourne interviewee

A broadcast journalist with Channel Nine in Australia has found herself the victim of a racist tirade while covering a home invasion in Melbourne.

Neary Ty, who has Asian ancestry, was at the scene of the crime and attempted to get a comment from Angus Waite, the man who owned the home, as he emerged down his driveway.

Walking towards her menacingly, he spat on the ground before delivering a brief and irate response: "F**k off."

Mr Waite had been attacked with a pole the night before in the invasion, after reportedly being confronted for making too much noise on his balcony while enjoying a drinking session with two friends.

But after being the victim the night before, Mr Waite turned into the offender when he was later filmed walking towards Ms Ty and delivering a xenophobia-laden question.

"What country do you come from?" he asked angrily.

"I was born here," Ms Ty responded.

"Well," he said, clearly surprised. "You're not a f**king Aussie are ya?"

"If you've got such a beautiful country, f**k off," he continued, walking off before delivering an offensive gesture.

Mr Waite and his friends had been asked to quiet down by a neighbour, who said her baby was being kept awake by their antics, before two intruders stormed the home and bashed one of the males, leaving him with critical injuries.

Investigators are currently looking into the incident, and are still on the hunt for the attackers, who fled the scene immediately after the assault.

Mr Waite may yet face charges over his racially charged outburst, Channel Nine reported.