Aussie stabbed in London gives frank debrief on attack

Andrew Morrison was in amazingly good spirits despite the wound to his neck (YouTube / ViralHog)
Andrew Morrison was in amazingly good spirits despite the wound to his neck (YouTube / ViralHog)

An Australian man who was stabbed in the neck during a terror attack on London Bridge has given a laughably candid description of the terrifying ordeal, saying simply: "I got f**ked up".

The man, identified as Darwin resident Andrew Morrison, is one of three Australians injured in the act of terror.

Another known victim is Brisbane 31-year-old Candice Hedge, who was at a bar on London Bridge when Islamic extremists stormed it and slashed her throat.

She is now in hospital recovering from what has been described as a "non-life-threatening stab wound" - but is as yet unable to speak, according to her mother Kim Del Toro.

A third man, Alexander Downer, was also hurt in the attack - but the extent and nature of his injuries are unknown.

Mr Morrison, who can be seen holding a bandage to his neck, explained the incident to another Australian who filmed it on his phone.

"So I'm at Belushi's, watched Champions League - 4-1 Madrid, happy days," he said, referring to the European football final that had aired just before the attack.

"I came outside, walked across the road and a fight breaks out. I'm like, 'Sh*t, what's going on here?'

"I start to walk towards it, and all of a sudden a guy comes up with a knife and I'm like this," Mr Morrison said, gesturing as though he was defending himself from his attacker.

"He stabs me there, and I just like push him off - blood's going everywhere. I walk into a pub and say, 'Someone help me, I've just been stabbed'."

While he was unsure what the man was dressed in, he said the perpetrator was unmasked and even though he hated to say it, had the appearance of "a Muslim terrorist".

"I was like, 'What are you doing, mate?'" he said of the terrorist.

"He got me. I dodged it, I ducked and weaved - nah, just kidding. I got f**ked up, man," he said with a laugh.

Mr Morrison's misfortune is summed up at the end of the video, with the Australian explaining the night of the attack was his last in London before flying out of the city.