Aussie woman slips bong down pants in abandoned theft attempt

  • 30/06/2017

A would-be thief has been caught on camera sliding a bong into her pants right in front of a staff member and other customers.

The woman, whose bizarre behaviour was caught on security camera, realises halfway through what she's doing is quite stupid, whipping the bong back out and putting it on the counter, just out of sight of the clerk.

After fixing her pants, she wanders out the store as if nothing happened.

Cloud 9 Smoke Shop Victoria Park in Perth posted footage of the incident on its Facebook page.

"This lady thought she could get away with shoving a large glass waterpipe down her pants and walking out," the store wrote. 

"Now I know we are an adult shop but we ain't that kind of adult shop. Our implements provide pleasure upstairs, not downstairs."

The staff member missed the whole thing, but was confused after finding the bong sitting on the counter behind his computer monitor. A quick check of the security footage solved the mystery.

"Your actions have consequences and unfortunately, your face is now on Facebook for stuffing a glass waterpipe down your pants and passing it off as a third leg," the store wrote.