Australian woman Sara Zelenak confirmed dead in London terror attack

Another Australian has been confirmed as a victim of Sunday's London terrorist attack.

Brisbane woman Sara Zelenak was killed after walking on London Bridge.

"Sara Zelenak is confirmed dead, they found her body and has DNA tests confirmed. Thank you for all the overwhelming love & support from everyone," her mother wrote on Facebook.

Ms Zelenak is the second Australian to be named as a casualty. Nurse Kristy Boden was named as a victim on Tuesday.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told 3AW on Wednesday he had talked to the victims' families.

"You know, this is heart-rending," he said.

"This is the last thing that anybody expects to happen to their children when they're in London. I mean, we are facing a global threat, this Islamist terrorism.

"It is a disease and it is corrupting, seeking to destroy from within the Islamic religion and of course, lashing out to destroy and undermine our way of life.

"We are heartbroken by these terrible crimes and this terrible loss. Talking to mothers who have lost their children is heartbreaking, but we must be resolute."

Kiwi Oliver Dowling is still in intensive care recovering from multiple stab wounds he received.

In an update on the Kiwis in London Facebook page, his family said he is getting better and been awake for a full day and talking.

He will likely be in the ICU for another few days and will be in hospital for another week or so at least, they said.

They praised the UK's NHS and said the support from both home and the UK has been greatly appreciated.