Baby delivered mid-flight gets free trips for 21 years

An Arizona woman managed to dodge the fee for bringing an extra item on board a plane, after unexpectedly giving birth mid-flight.

Cristina Penton was 36 weeks pregnant and on a flight from Florida to Dallas, but it had to be diverted to New Orleans when she went into labour just 15 minutes after takeoff.

With the help of a paediatrician and a nurse, who were luckily both on board, she delivered a healthy baby boy.

Ms Penton had been embarking on a holiday with her two pre-teen daughters.

She told CBS News her husband, who wasn't travelling on the flight, had warned her not to fly so close to her due date.

"He told me you're pushing it, you're doing it last minute and may be you shouldn't but then again, I'm stubborn, so I figured, no, no, we can handle this," Ms Penton said.

The delivery went quickly according to passengers, one of whom filmed it.

"He just popped out literally so we just kind of like caught him," fellow passenger Rhondula Green said.

While airlines are notorious for their extra charges, Spirit Airlines graciously waived the ticket price for the unexpected passenger.

And even better - he's been granted free flights on his birthday for the next 21 years.