Baby thrown from Grenfell Tower blaze caught by man below

A woman threw a baby out of out of the ninth or 10th floor of the Grenfell Tower inferno, which was "miraculously" caught by a stranger below.

Samira Lamrani saw the whole thing happen, telling NBC News: "A woman appeared at the window gesturing and trying to get someone's attention. She had the baby in hand - she was gesturing like she was going to throw the baby out."

The infant was wrapped in a thick blanket.

"The baby just sort of dropped in a straight line, and a guy just ran forward and the baby fell into his arms," said Ms Lamrani.

So far 12 people are known to have died in the blaze, which engulfed the entire 24-storey building in London's west. Around 70 are in hospital.

The building's tenants had long complained of dodgy wiring and lax safety standards.