Ballsy possum confuses Australians

Possum balls
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's possum testicles. Photo credit: Facebook/Cam Rayner

A furry, pink and heart-shaped object sticking through a hole in a ceiling has baffled and amused Australian Facebook users this week.

Melbourne man Cam Rayner posted a photo of the mysterious object to Facebook group Yarra Valley Noticeboard, asking others what it could be.

Some said it could be a wombat or koala knee, while others suggested giving it a poke or a tickle to see what happened, reports the Herald Sun. One even said to apply some chili, which - as you're about to find out - could have ended in disaster.

One user eventually worked it out after searching Google for similar images - it was the testicles of a rather well-endowed brushtail possum.

Either way, Mr Rayner was glad to have it out.

"Having a possum in your roof is like a five-year-old running around with steel cap boots on," he commented.

Brushtail possums like to hide in warm places, including insulated walls and ceilings.

It's not clear if the hole was already present, or created by the possum for the express purpose of dangling his balls in the cooler air below.