Barber shop brawl sees man attacked with tomahawk

Shocking footage has captured a brutal assault of a gang storming a Melbourne barber shop, including a man being struck with a tomahawk.

It began as an argument but quickly dissolved into an all-out brawl, which saw the desperate victims try to defend themselves with a dust pan.

Up to 15 men stormed the shop in the suburb of Footscray, at around 5:10pm on Friday, local police said.

One of the two men attacked was hit in the back of the neck was a tomahawk but luckily escaped serious injury, with police saying there was "a lot of blood, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been".

Items in the shop were turned into weapons by the brawlers, who picked up clippers, stools and a broom and hurled them at their opponents.

Police aren't yet sure what prompted the chaos, but believe the fighters were all known to each other.

Around AU$600 was stolen from the cash register in the scuffle.

While no staff members were involved or injured in the fight, police say they have been left "shaken up".