Brazen jailbreak attempt at Australian prison

An Australian prisoner's been treated for injuries after a brazen jailbreak attempt at a maximum security prison in Sydney.

The 30-year-old woman had scaled a fence at Western Sydney's Silverwater Jail when she got caught on a razorwire coil, metres away from possible freedom. 

The woman was rescued by guards and medics, who needed the aid of a cherry picker to free her.

At least 25 people were involve in the rescue.

It's not clear how she reached the top of the fence, four to five metres above the ground, but the woman had already cleared one of the walls before she got stuck halfway to freedom.

She would've had to repeat the feat on a third fence to break out of prison altogether.

The woman was quickly returned to custody, where she got treatment for cuts and bruises.

Silverwater Jail is also the site of the most daring jailbreak in Australian history.

In 1999, career criminal John Killick was in the jail on remand and facing a further 10 years in prison when he escaped a hijacked helicopter, which came under a barrage of gunfire from guards.

His Russian girlfriend Lucy Dudko masterminded the incredible feat, pointing a gun at a charter pilot's head and demanding he land in the prison grounds.

Killick and Dudko remained on the run for 45 days, before being captured in a caravan park.

They continued their romance when both went to jail, sending letters to each other's cells and even appealing for permission to marry.