Brit rings police after catching Queen not wearing seatbelt

Queen Elizabeth II has been reported to police after failing to strap herself in while being driven to the state opening of parliament.

However not only was the person who dobbed her in in a completely different city to the monarch, but they also called the emergency services rather than the police station.

West Yorkshire Police confirmed they had received a call from a concerned local in a post on Twitter.

And while it's true that under British law, people must wear a seatbelt if their car seat is fitted with one, the Queen isn't even able to get in trouble for it.

Far from receiving the maximum £500 ($875) fine for breaching seatbelt rules, Queen Elizabeth II is actually seen as literally above the law - and it's impossible to bring criminal proceedings against her.

When contacted for comment by UK media about the complaint, West Yorkshire Police's Tom Donhoe said "I cannot stress enough that the 999 number is for emergencies only".

The seatbelt drama is not the only thing the Queen did this week that's ruffled a few feathers - she also riled a number of Brexit advocates by sporting a hat that looked like a European Union flag.