British school makes pupils write suicide notes

Thomas Tallis School, London, Shakespeare
The school has since apologised to parents and pupils. Photo credit: Google

A school in the UK has had to apologise after asking their students to write suicide notes as an assignment.

Thomas Tallis School in London gave their students the task as part of their studies on Shakespeare's Macbeth play, according to the Independent.

In the play, Lady Macbeth commits suicide and students were asked to imagine her thoughts before she did.

Parents were left outraged by the task.

"On what universe was it ever a good idea to ask a group of teenagers to write suicide notes?" one mother told the local newspaper.

"At least two classes have done this assignment. My daughter is very outspoken but there are other kids not as vocal who might be suffering from depression."

As many as 60 year eight students wrote the notes.

Head teacher Carolyn Roberts apologised on behalf of the school following the outrage.

"The exercise is a well-known method for getting students to understand this dramatic twist in the play. The teacher who set the exercise is very experienced," she said in a statement on Facebook.

"We appreciate that the exercise was upsetting to the family and have discussed the subject matter and approach with teaching staff.

"We care deeply about the emotional well-being of our students and of course wish no distress to be caused to any of our students - all we can do is hold discussions and debates on topics such as these in a supportive and sensitive way. "Had we been aware of any students who would have found the exercise upsetting then we would of course have taken a different approach. We have listened to the concerns raised by this debate and will not run the exercise again.

"I apologise again for any distress that this may have caused."