Brits cringe as Theresa May tells of her 'naughtiest' moment

Sitting British Prime Minister Theresa May has been lampooned after delivering one of the most tame and dull responses imaginable to the question 'What's the naughtiest thing you ever did?'

Ms May was speaking to ITV journalist Julie Etchingham just two days before she goes head-to-head with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for the role of Prime Minister when she gave the insipid answer.

She has gained a reputation for being unexciting but quietly effective - similar to that of New Zealand's own leader Bill English - and that characteristic shone through once more when Etchingham tried to expose her more racy side.

"What's the naughtiest thing you ever did?" Etchingham asked, catching Ms May off guard.

"Oh, goodness me. Well, I suppose, gosh. Do you know, I'm not quite sure. I can't think what the naughtiest thing..."

"There must've been a moment," Etchingham interjected.

"Well, nobody is ever perfectly behaved, are they?" Ms May asked, in an obvious attempt to buy herself more time.

"I mean, you know, I have to confess, when me and my friend, sort of, used to run through the fields of wheat, the farmers weren't too pleased about that."

Many Brits watching the interview took to Twitter to express their disbelief that their Prime Minister's most rebellious moment was literally just the act of running in a field - and to offer suggestions of what she might've said instead.

The UK election kicks off at 6pm on Thursday (NZ time).

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Watch the video for the full interview.