Brutal avocado attack leaves employee badly injured

A New York worker viciously attacked by a man who hurled avocados and bananas at his face says it was one of the "scariest moments of [his] life".

Deli worker Amr Alzabidi's jaw was broken and face fractured in the brutal attack.

He said two men came into the deli with four other men and tried to order food from another employee, who was deaf in one ear and didn't speak English.

When Mr Alzabidi tried to help the men with their order, things turned sour.

The men left after Mr Alzabidi asked them to and called 911, before returning to hurl rock-hard avocados and bananas at him.

CCTV footage of the attack shows him trying to protect himself, but the attack was too violent.

"I was just knocked out. I was out of consciousness," he told CBS News.

His left eye was badly damaged in the attack, blinding him for a week. Mr Alzabidi still suffers from vision problems and fears it'll be an issue for the rest of his life.

"It's horrible. It's a crime," he said.

One man in the video has since been arrested and charged with assault, while the other is still at large.