Cable car crash in Kashmir kills seven

  • 26/06/2017
The cable car is a famous tourist attraction
The cable car, pictured in winter, snapped off the cable and plunged hundreds of feet. Photo credit: Reuters

Seven tourists, four of them from a Delhi family, were killed when a cable car snapped after a tree fell on it at a popular ski-resort.

Police reported a pine tree fell onto a cable car, which plunged to earth and killed the occupants, most of whom were tourists.

Gulmarg police officer Imtiyas Hussain said a falling tree hit one of the cars, snapping the car from the cable and sending it down hundreds of feet.

Around 150 people were stranded in other cable cars on the mountain in high winds, but were later rescued.

The cable car, known as the Gulmarg gondola, is one of Kashmir's top tourist attractions.