California woman picks up rattlesnake, thinking it was a dog toy

The woman and the snake.
The woman and the snake. Photo credit: YouTube/Ariel Rosso

A US woman was left rattled after picking up what she thought was her dog's rope toy, which actually turned out to be a baby snake.

After bending over to pick up the thin, motionless object she realised her mistake, with a terrified reaction many people could relate to.

"If you are going to pick your dog's toy in the dark, make sure it's not a live rattlesnake," her husband, Ariel Rosso, wrote on YouTube alongside the home surveillance footage.

"Thankfully my wife was not bit, but she needs to work on running away skills!"

ABC News reports when the woman called the Los Angeles fire service, they warned her baby rattlesnakes are even more dangerous than adults, because they can't control their venom.