Canadian woman angered by lack of 'white doctor' to treat son

Canadian woman angered by lack of 'white doctor' to treat son

Disturbing footage has emerged of an Ontario woman demanding staff at a medical clinic find a white doctor to treat her ill son's chest pains.

In a lengthy racist rant captured by a fellow patient on Sunday (local time), the woman expresses shock at the clinic's inability to find a Caucasian doctor to examine her child.

"So you're telling me that my kid has chest pains, he's going to have to sit here until 4 o'clock?" she asked an employee at the facility incredulously.

"Can I see a doctor please that's white, that doesn't have brown teeth, that speaks English?"

When the employee, who was not white, responded by saying that visiting a non-Caucasian GP was not something she could request, she reacted with even greater vitriol.

"You're telling me there's not one white doctor in this entire building? Well, what's the closest that you have to speaking English?" she said.

"Being white in this country, I should just shoot myself. My kid is part not-white, so can we get somebody to see him that at least speaks English?"

Later in the footage another employee approaches her, confronting her xenophobic comments and telling her it was unacceptable to ask for a doctor of a specific skin tone.

Police were called to the clinic to deal with the situation, but said the officer on the scene found that "no criminal offence has been committed".

Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne has since responded to the footage, saying she was shocked at the incident and adding that it served as a reminder of how far the country still had to go to become accepting of racial diversity.

"If we're not shocked, that is a real problem," she said.

"Sometimes we make assumptions about how far we have come about being an inclusive society and then when an incident like this happens, we have to step back and say 'what is going on?'"