Connecticut woman dives in front of car protecting unknown boy

Warning: This video contains content which may disturb some people.

A woman in Bridgeport, Connecticut, threw herself in front of a car to protect a young boy she had never met, when the car smashed into a wall.

Shanta Jordan will now be honoured by her city for her heroic actions which police say saved the boy's life.

CCTV footage shows Ms Jordan, in a beige top, leaping into action when a car came speeding out of nowhere, towards Junco's Restaurant.

At first Ms Jordan can be seen walking down the street, before turning when the car appears.

She hurls herself in front of the boy - and consequently, the car, with the pair sent smashing into a wall.

Miraculously they both survived the crash and are recovering in hospital.

Police chief A J Perez said the young boy probably would've died if Ms Jordan hadn't taken action.

"If it wasn't because she stepped in, I truly believe it would have been a fatality," he told local media.

The driver has been arrested, facing charges of reckless driving causing injury.