Conservative candidate Greg Knight's awkward Alan Partridge election campaign video

A United Kingdom Conservative Party candidate's campaign video has unintendedly taken off - with unfortunate comparisons to comedy icon Alan Partridge.

Greg Knight is running for re-election for the position of MP for East Yorkshire.

His bizarre 51-second clip combines an awkward speech with a happy jingle at the end, along with low production values.

Mr Knight appears in the door of his office, and introduces himself.

He reels off a string of Theresa May's campaign lines, before finishing with a jingle and a backing vocalist who sings: "You've got accountability with Conservative delivery. Let's show it's time to get it right, vote for Greg Knight."

The video finishes with a close-up of a poster badly sticky-taped to the wall.

The video has been compared to Alan Partridge, the famously incompetent and inept parody of British television personalities played by Steve Coogan.

And Mr Knight has taken this in his stride.

"Politics is a serious business, but always try and make my campaign a bit of fun. We thought we'd have a bit of fun with a campaign song. It's a bit cheesy, but we wanted to lift campaigners' spirits," he told the Telegraph.

"I've never aspired to be an Alan Partridge, but I guess if I quit politics I can always get a job on a radio station."

Social Media Presenter Aziz Al-Sa'afin spoke to Duncan Garner.

Watch the video for the full interview.