Could this Aegean Airlines meal be the dullest flight food ever?

Vegetarian meal option aboard Aegean Airlines flight.
Vegetarian meal option aboard Aegean Airlines flight. Photo credit: Reddit

Airline meals aren't always that great, but this one is worse than most.

A traveller going by the name 'Musterknabe' posted a photo of the meal - a few slices of raw vegetables and some cutlery - to Reddit, leaving many in awe at how dull it was.

"I booked my flight online and chose the "Vegetarian Oriental" meal. This is what I got," he posted.

The post received hundreds of comments from users shocked with the meal, which was served onboard Greek airline Aegean.

Musterknabe said, "I am not a vegetarian. I just prefer good meat. I have to know where it comes from. How the animals were treated. What they got to eat. That's it. When I don't know it, I order a vegetarian dish."

He added: "I didn't complain about this yummy dish, but then I realised that all passengers who ordered a not-vegetarian meal got an extra cookie for dessert. I demanded a cookie and got one!"

Aegean Airlines has yet to comment on the meal.


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