Opportunists cash in on covfefe craze

US President Donald Trump's nonsensical covfefe tweet has taken the world by storm - and sparked an entire industry of covfefe-themed products.

"Despite the constant negative press covfefe," Mr Trump wrote on May 31 (local time), to Twitter's bemusement and amusement.

But a lack of understanding regarding the meaning of Mr Trump's cryptic tweet hasn't stopped people from cashing in with merchandise based on the made-up word.

The current covfefe best seller on Amazon?

An ebook has surged to the top, staring a private bodyguard called Hayden who works for a president called Domald Tromp.

"Now at Margo Largo, Tromp's Florida estate, Hayden finds himself wrapped up in a debate between Tromp and a Russian diplomat regarding a mysterious creature named Covfefe," the description reads.

"The fight finally escalates until all three of them take a trip to see Covfefe for themselves, revealing the true nature of this government funded, coffee based lifeform.

"What Hayden didn't count on is just how charming Covfefe would be in person. Soon enough, the bodyguard and this handsome coffee beast find themselves proving love."

Other items for sale include tshirts with "Make America Covfefe Again" emblazoned on them.

"The nuclear code is covfefe" is written on another bag.

There are currently 4,491 results on Amazon for covfefe, and the number is rising.