Dallas Zoo's breakdancing gorilla shows off his pool moves

A breakdancing gorilla has taken the world by storm, after showing off his incredible dance moves.

Zola, a 14-year-old male western Iowland gorilla, was caught on camera by the Dallas Zoo showing off his moves in a pool.

Zola was doing an "enrichment" session in the paddling pool when he caught the urge to dance.

The video, posted by the zoo to YouTube, shows him spinning and swinging as water flies.

The zoo says his dancing is play behaviour, and shows he is "content or comfortable".

"It is easy for anyone to appreciate the good time that Zola is having in the pool because we recognise some of the same signs of play that we see in people," the zoo posted.

The video was quickly picked up and had hit song 'Maniac' added underneath.

But the zoo says Zola didn't need any music to find his rhythm.

"There was no breakdance music playing in the building; we promise," the zoo's post read.