Dentist drill frees man's penis from wrench

  • 08/06/2017
The wrench after surgery
The wrench after dentists drilled it free. Photo credit:

Dentists came to the rescue of a man hospitalised in China last week, when doctors and firefighters couldn't help him.

The 37-year-old man's penis had been stuck in a wrench for more than 15 hours, reported.

Doctors examine the stuck wrench
Doctors examine the stuck wrench. Photo credit:

He was taken to hospital in Linhai city on June 2. Doctors thought they could operate to cut off blood flow to his genitals, but could not get permission from his family.

Firefighters were called to help, but could not find another way to remove the wrench either.

Dentists operate on man with wrench
Photo credit:

Photos from show a crowd of doctors and emergency services personnel around the man, trying to figure out how to remove the instrument.

One doctor suggested calling in dentist, after she had heard a lecture earlier that day about a similar situation.

Two dentists arrived soon after and used small dental drills with a cooling water spray to cut through the metal wrench.

The wrench after surgery
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After about 30 minutes, the man was freed.