Devastating Detroit crash sees bus hurtle into parked car, brick wall

Horrific footage has captured the moment a bus in Detroit ploughed into a parked car and smashed through a warehouse, after being hit by an SUV that was running a red light.

The crash was captured by several security cameras on board the bus, capturing each stage of the devastation as it unfolded.

In the video, an SUV running a red light can be seen colliding with the front of the bus, shattering its windscreen.

The bus driver then loses control, colliding with a parked car before smashing through the brick wall of a warehouse as it drives off the road.

Passengers were hurled from their seats during the incident, with one being thrown clear across the bus.

Miraculously, no one was killed; although the bus driver, the driver of the SUV and four passengers were injured.

The video was released by the Detroit Department of Transportation.