'Dumb and dumber' hitch ride on Sydney tram, cause $1k in damage

A pair of teenagers are being hunted by police after getting a central Sydney tram to tow them a few hundred metres, causing about AU$1000 (NZ$1045) in damages in the process.

Footage of the teenagers, who have been described as both "larrikins" and "dumb and dumber" by those who witnessed it, shows them grabbing onto the tram's window wipers while riding on their bikes.

They are then carried for hundreds of metres without the need to pedal - but Australia's Transport Minister Andrew Constance has since slammed the act as "stupid behaviour".

"I mean people get killed through accidents like this on the transport network. Get the message - behave," he said.

It's emerged the window wipers they were holding onto - and broke after burdening them with their weight - are worth close to AU$1000 (NZ$1045).

Mr Constance says the boys are still at large and are being pursued by police.

"Turn yourselves in. You've done damage to one of our vehicles, the public of NSW who own the vehicles have to pay for it," he said.

Witnesses are being told to come forward.