Elderly driver doesn't notice lack of tyre 'for 25km'

A senior citizen from Yorkshire, England has had a genuine senior moment - failing to realise she'd punctured a tyre and continuing to drive on just her alloy for more than 25km.

In footage captured by local Yacine Chikh, the woman's car can be seen marking the road and causing a thunderous grating sound whenever it accelerated.

Mr Chikh can also be seen pulling up beside the woman, who he said was in her 60s, at a roundabout in an attempt to notify her of the missing tyre - but she just speeds off.

He told Metro the driver of the car he was in repeatedly flashed his high-beams and tooted his horn, but she offered no reaction - and he says after travelling in a different direction, his friend saw the woman parked at a supermarket 25km away.

Mr Chikh was scathing in his criticism of the woman after the incident.

"It was lucky there were no kids about - she's a real danger," he told Metro.

"Even if she was deaf, she would have seen us flashing the lights and felt the vibrations of the car. She probably didn't have breakdown cover. She was completely endangering other road users."

North Yorkshire Police looked into the incident, but couldn't find the woman or her car, because they weren't given the number plate.