Elephants rescue drowning calf from certain death

A pair of Asian elephants in a South Korean zoo have joined forces to save a young calf that had fallen into a pool of water and was on the cusp of drowning.

In the incredible video, the calf can be seen leaning in front of the older elephant for a drink in its enclosure at Grand Park Zoo - but it simply collapses into the water.

The panic from the older elephant was immediate - and another of the pachyderms that had been grazing just moments before rushed over in a desperate attempt to provide a helping trunk.

However it looked as though all the panic would be in vain, as the calf was still writhing around in the deep end of the pool, and couldn't get its head above the water.

Another elephant blocked off by a fence can be seen running around in clear distress, but it looked as though it may well be a tragic end to the young calf's life.

However after a short time the two nearby elephants found the entrance to the pool and ran over to the youngster, frantically trying to work out how to get it to the shallows and guiding it to safety.

The dramatic moment was caught on one of the zoo's CCTV cameras.

It is not known when the footage was captured, though the video was first posted online on Friday.