Farmer's emotional reunion with vulture he rescued as a chick

Edgardo raised Condorito after finding the bird had suffered a broken leg.
Edgardo raised Condorito after finding the bird had suffered a broken leg. Photo credit: Edgardo

An Argentinian rancher has received a hugely special surprise in the form of a visit from a condor he reared from early in its life after finding it stranded in his backyard.

Back in March, Edgardo, a farmer from Loncopue in central Argentina, realised the bird had broken its leg, and took on the task of nursing it back to health.

He spent many months under the watchful gaze of local wildlife authorities helping the condor, a large breed of vulture, grow and flourish after it was left isolated by its mother.

After a period of time giving the baby vulture the appropriate nourishment, Edgardo left the bird to hunt for its own food - knowing that if he didn't, it would never learn to fend for itself.

Before the condor left, Edgardo gave it a name - Condorito, after a famous South American comic book hero.

However it turns out Condorito wasn't keen on leaving fully, and while he has embraced his wild side he still comes back to visit frequently - including one meeting which was caught on camera.

The condor can be seen in the footage raising its wings as it walked towards Edgardo as though wanting a hug, before accepting a tickle and nestling its head into his former owner's neck.

The bird is believed to visit less and less as it gets more adept at flying - but that special bond between human and animal appears as though it will remain forever.