France gets fancy with knives, forks at McDonald's

France, the country that prides itself on cuisine, elegance and etiquette, is now boasting cutlery at its McDonald's restaurants.

Customers at France's 1400 McDonald's outlets will now be able to eat their burger with a knife and fork, Le Figaro reports. 

But cutlery won't be available with any ordinary 'Royale with cheese' - only the gourmet burgers.

"Cutlery is an evolution, not a break with the past," McDonald's France marketing chief Xavier Royaux told the newspaper.

"For a long time now we have seen a change in the burger market, a multiplication of offers, among these the offers of gourmet burgers, so as a pioneer it is vital we position ourselves."

Using cutlery to eat fast food is generally considered to defeat the purpose of fast food - which is designed to be eaten on the run, or in a casual setting. Cutlery brings an air of formality to what is usually promoted as informal dining.

In 2016 US presidential-hopeful Donald Trump was widely mocked on social media for a photo of him posing before a bucket of KFC, holding a knife and fork.

But McDonald's France made the decision after successful trials in 10 of the country's restaurants.

Gourmet burger joints have taken the world by storm in recent years, France included. In 2015 about 1.19 billion burgers were sold in France, says. That was 11 percent more than in 2014.