'Freedom!': Arkansas local destroys Ten Commandments monument

A monument displaying the Ten Commandments in the US state of Arkansas lasted less than 24 hours, with an angry local swiftly destroying it in protest.

Police say Michael Reed, 32, drove through the 2700kg granite slab on Wednesday morning (local time).

Reed posted a live video to Facebook of the act, yelling "freedom" as he ploughed through the monument.

It fell from its plinth and shattered into multiple pieces, which were marked off and cleaned up that day.

The privately-funded monument had only been installed the morning before, standing in place for less than day before its destruction.

But local senators haven't been shaken.

"I think there's a lot of power in going back and putting it back right where it was intended to be. We can't let these types of events deter us," Republican senator Jason Rapert said.

It's not Reed's first time trashing a monument. He was arrested three years ago for destroying Oklahoma's version of the Ten Commandments monument at the state Capitol.

He apologised a year later for the destruction, saying he had mental health issues, before striking again in Arkansas.