Germany to destroy 35 tonnes of fidget spinners

The toys will be crushed out of existence.
The toys will be crushed out of existence. Photo credit: Getty

Germany has revealed drastic plans to deal with the fidget spinner craze, right out of the Judith 'Crusher' Collins playbook.

Customs officers at the Frankfurt airport announced on Friday (local time) they had seized 35 tonnes of the toys in May, which will now be wiped out of existence.

Fidget spinners are a hand-held toy consisting of a bearing in the centre of a three-pronged device, which is held by two fingers and spun. They took off earlier this year, and soon became a global craze - although much-loathed by parents and principals.

The German officials say the offending fidget spinners, which came from China, have small parts that could fall off and could be a choking hazard.

Customs spokeswoman Christine Strauss said the products also lacked other information like readable instructions.

The fidget spinners will be crushed.