'Get a job', bored Subway employee tells robber

Cathy Stanford was not in the mood to be robbed.
Cathy Stanford was not in the mood to be robbed. Photo credit: Facebook / Sierra Harper

An unamused Subway employee in Ohio drove off an attempted robber by refusing to hand over any money, instead telling him: "Get a job."

It was the second time in a week someone had tried to rob the Warren store, with others in the area also being targeted, according to local media.

But employee Cathy Stafford stood firm when a man in a hoodie and face mask confronted her.

"Open that s**t now, open that s**t. Open the f*****g register," he demanded, as seen in video filmed by another employee, Sierra Harper.

Ms Stafford refuses, telling him to "get a job".

"Dude, are you the one that's been robbing these places?" she asks him.

Frustrated, the attempted robber gives up.

"No! You know what? F**k you man," he says, picking up the tip jar and walking away.

Ms Stafford told local WKBN she didn't know what came over her.

"I guess some people just have that courage here and there," she says.

The robber only made off with $13 in the tip jar, according to WKBN, and local police say they are following several tips in the case.