Girl uses 'Hunger Games' knowledge to save friend

The Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen (Lionsgate Films)
She told local media she "figured it was a well-known method of stopping bleeding". Photo credit: Lionsgate Films / file

A young girl in the US has been able to rescue her friend thanks to knowledge gained from popular teen series The Hunger Games.

Twelve-year-old Megan Gething leaped into action when her friend Mackenzie George cut her leg open on a steel pump, according to the Gloucester Times.

Many of their other friends were screaming in horror at the blood but Megan kept her cool, creating a tourniquet from a pair of her friend's shorts to slow the blood loss.

"I knew it from [The Hunger Games]. I figured it was a well-known method of stopping bleeding," Megan said.

Another friend ran for help and they were rescued and taken to hospital. The gash ended up being 25cm long and 7cm wide, but didn't damage the muscles or nerves.

Mackenzie is expected to fully recover in around a month, her family said.

Mackenzie's family have hailed Megan as a hero, saying her actions may have saved her friend's life. But Megan is staying humble.

"Going through my mind was just helping 'Kenzie," Megan said.