Grenfell Tower fire: Every British high-rise tested fails fire safety regulations

Every high-rise building tested by British government officials in the wake of the Grenfell Tower inferno has failed to meet fire safety regulations.

The shocking reality has forced authorities to evacuate hundreds of homes. But some residents are refusing to move, because they've got nowhere to go.

Hundreds of people in north London's Chalcot's Estate have been kicked out so urgent fire safety work can be done.

"It was only last night, about 10pm last night, I found out. So obviously I got on the phone straight away to my dad, who said obviously we're all concerned. The whole family were concerned about my grandma," one resident said. 

Some have been moved into makeshift evacuation centres at places like school gyms and community halls, but others are staying put.

"You want us to stay on the street? They couldn't find a place for us. These kids have school here and they want to put us somewhere," another resident said. 

At least 34 high-rise tower blocks across Britain have now been identified as a fire-risk - that's every block that's been tested. They were found to have similar cladding to that used on the Grenfell Tower, which contains material that can easily catch fire.

Prime Minister Theresa May says "the government is supporting local authorities" testing their apartment blocks.

"Together we're making sure that the resources are there to ensure that what is needed to keep people safe is being done." 

But for cities like Birmingham, in the midst of fitting sprinklers to 200 tower blocks right now, extra money to do it can't come soon enough.