Grieving parents blame Snapchat abuse for son's death

Mark Abel with his son, Sam Abel.
Mark Abel with his son, Sam Abel. Photo credit: Facebook

Parents of a boy who took his own life are blaming Snapchat bullying for his death.

They claim that Sam Abel, 14, was ridiculed on social media on a daily basis for his passion for cycling, to the point he had his tyres slashed.

That prompted the Worcester student to tell his friends he wanted to die to prove a point, The Mirror reports.

His father, Mark Abel, told The Mirror it started with individuals but more people started to join in.

"Snapchat messages only last seconds but when you're getting those messages constantly, the seconds add up."

In January 2017, Sam ended his life.

"Apart from spying on your children what else can you do," Mr Abel told The Mirror. "A teenager's life is their phone and no one talks like they used to."

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