Hooters fan faces jail for calling 911 to get a ride

Hooters restaurant - an American icon.
Hooters is an iconic US restaurant. Photo credit: Getty

A Florida man faces up to five years in jail after trying to trick emergency services into giving him a ride to a Hooters restaurant.

Jonathan Hinkle, 28, phoned 911 on March 5 claiming his elderly grandmother was "having a stroke in the Hooters parking lot," reports NBC affiliate WESH2. He offered to pay them to pick him up first and take him there.

But no one could find the grandmother. She was eventually located at home, and had not suffered a stroke.

Jonathan Hinkle
Jonathan Hinkle. Photo credit: supplied

Hinkle got a ride in the end - but it was to jail, where he was charged with misusing 911.

If convicted, he faces up to five years in jail.