Huge crowd watches as gang sentenced to death in China

Thirteen convicted drug dealers in China have been sentenced to death before the watching eyes of thousands of people.

The 'public sentencing congress' was held in an outdoor stadium in the city of Shanwei, where the prisoners were transported one -by-one in a small truck to hear their sentence read out, according to reports.

At least 18 people appeared before the makeshift court in front of a crowd of 10,000 people on June 24.

Eight of the convicted drug dealers were executed immediately, away from the public straight after proceedings had finished.

Five others were given suspended sentences.

Some in the crowd could be seen crying and begging for the prisoners to be released.

According to the Daily Mail, Shanwei is a hotspot for drug trafficking and production.

The public trial was held in an attempt to deter others from getting involved with drugs.

In 2015, China sentenced 38 drug dealers in the same city in another public trial.

On that occasion, 13 were sentenced to death, eight were sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve and others received lengthy prison terms.