Incredible footage shows crowd catch falling teen from US amusement park ride

A 14-year-old girl who slipped out of her seat on a gondola ride at a US theme park has had a lucky break after patrons quickly banded together to create a human cushion for her to land on.

The unbelievable moment took place on Saturday night (local time) while she was on the Sky Ride at Six Flags Amusement Park in New York.

The young girl miraculously escaped without serious injury, and is now at the Albany Medical Center in stable condition, the Warren County Sheriff's Office said.

Incredible footage of the moment shows the girl slipping between her seat and a safety bar on the ride, forcing her to place her neck in an uncomfortable position just to stay aboard.

Park-goers below start to notice the trouble she is having, and begin to devise a plan for how they will save her when she inevitably falls.

Eventually they decided to form a buffer with their arms, promising the girl that if she fell they would catch her as she quickly began to lose grip.

When she did eventually fall the nearly eight metres to the ground, she landed almost completely on one man, Matthew Howard Sr, who was treated for a back injury in the aftermath.

The girl remains in hospital.


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