Jamaican man's incredibly smooth waterslide exit takes internet by storm

A man's impressively efficient departure off a resort's waterslide has amazed social media - and it seems as though sceptics on Twitter have been unable to find anything that proves it's fake.

The nine-second video, posted to Twitter user Morgan Evick's profile, shows the man coming off the slide at pace into a swimming pool within a Barbados resort.

But rather than sinking into the pool at the end of the slide - he manages to manoeuvre his body in such a way that he skims along the top of the water and simply stands up at the pool's edge. He then walks off, pulling his shirt on casually before applauding himself.

People have been quick to dismiss the video as a phony, with many saying that he doesn't appear to be holding the shirt that he pulls on at the end. But eagle-eyed viewers pointing out he was wearing it round his shoulders when he came off the slide.

Other Twitter users have noted that the slide was probably badly designed if he was able to achieve the feat, and said that the resort could be in line for a lawsuit if someone was to get injured by slamming into the pool's edge.