Landslide kills more than 100 in China

  • 25/06/2017
The landslide buried more than 60 homes
Rescuers search for bodies through the rubble. Photo credit: Reuters

Over 100 Chinese villagers are feared dead after a landslide in southwest China.

The landslide buried more than 60 homes on Saturday in Xinmo, a remote village in north Sichuan province.

After a day of searching, rescuers uncovered just six bodies.

The official state news agency, Xinhua, reported rubble sliding 800 metres down a steep slope, blocking a two-kilometre stretch of river and 1.6 kilometres of road.

More than 1000 people were involved in the rescue effort, including more than 100 medical staff.

State broadcaster CCTV reported that by midday only three people had been pulled from the rubble: a couple and their two-month-old baby. Another child of the family remained buried.

It’s reported around 112 people are still missing in the latest count.

The area is close to the region of Tibet, and hosts an extensive network of dams, including two hydropower plants in Diexi town near the buried village.