Man selling fake drugs at Bonnaroo doing 'God's work'

A man caught at a popular music festival with 1000 hits of fake LSD told police he was doing "god's work".

David Brady, 45, travelled from New York to attend Bonnaroo, where U2, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Lorde performed over the weekend.

Brady was spotted by deputies under his tent with what appeared to be a large stash of illegal drugs. When they searched the tent however, they found not just the LSD, but fake drugs of various kinds, including non-hallucinogenic mushrooms, lookalike-cocaine,  37 pills that weren't ecstasy and an incense stick posing as black tar heroin.

Brady's excuse - that he was doing god's work by keeping revellers away from real drugs - wasn't good enough, and he was charged with possession of counterfeit controlled substances.

It's not the first time he's been caught trying to trick illegal drug users. In 2015 Brady was arrested at another music festival after caught with heroin, mushrooms and meth - none of which was real.

Three men were arrested at Bonnaroo this year for selling real drugs - one pair had US$30,000 worth of marijuana, mushrooms, ecstasy and ketamine, while another was caught selling mushrooms, ecstasy and LSD worth US$6000.