Mark Zuckerberg for US President?

Mark Zuckerberg's denial isn't enough to stop the rumours.
Mark Zuckerberg's denial isn't enough to stop the rumours. Photo credit: Getty

There is speculation Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is considering running for US President as he embarks on a tour to meet people from all 50 states.

Mr Zuckerberg started his trip in Iowa, churning rumours he's putting in groundwork as he met locals and gave speeches in bars.

The CEO has told media the national tour is not about "political ambitions", but about "connecting to people", though not everyone believes it.

He's documented many of his non-campaign stops on Facebook, the platform that has earned the 33-year-old tens of billions of dollars.

Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard says he understands Mr Zuckerberg's motivation, saying "he's trying to understand the role of the product he's created".

In the past couple of months the businessman has also visited military bases, something often seen in people looking to start a political campaign.

If he does decide to run in a future election, he could have some high-profile competition. Kanye West and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson have both also suggested putting themselves forward.