McDonald's chickens out of rooftop nuggets rave

An east London McDonald's restaurant came close to hosting a chicken nuggets party on its rooftop balcony, but had to cancel the event when nearly 3000 people on Facebook said they would attend.

The 'Dalston McDonald's Summer Terrace Party' event advertised on Facebook was expected to happen on July 7. It wasn't organised by the restaurant but by Turn it Up - a local event company.

"Dalston McDonald's now have an outdoor roof terrace. Bring nuggets. Limited seating available," the event page said.

Unfortunately the event proved too attractive to Maccas-loving Londoners, and the Kingsland Rd branch soon was facing the prospect of about 2800 people turning up.

"OK so Maccers have emailed us and they're pretty pissed off, [sic]" the organisers later wrote on the event page.

"They're even suggesting to stop serving nuggets on that date which ruins the ENTIRE PLAN.

"So we gotta pull the plug on this people."

Nugget party event
The event details on Facebook. Photo credit: Turn it Up / Facebook

One commenter protested on the event page. "What kind of lame defeatist attitude is this? Did the election teach you all nothing?!"

"I propose we create a campaign to have a spontaneous pop-up rave at every single McDonalds in the UK, if we, the people, mobilise our forces properly, we could probably break some kind of world record.

"Also if they refuse to serve us nuggets, well, it's simple, we'll just make a KFC stop beforehand and bring our own to the rave."

But the rave plan was well and truly quashed with a statement from McDonald's: "We're usually more than happy to host a party, however they tend to be for our Happy Meal customers and involve face painting and character visits.

"Our outside terrace in Dalston is a small seating area designed for up 20 customers to eat and enjoy their food with friends and family.

"We're sorry to disappoint those who were planning to attend but we don't have a licence for such an event, and for obvious safety reasons, Turn It Up has kindly agreed to cancel their unofficial party."