Melbourne cafe selling $5 teaspoons of Nutella

Melbourne, Hipster, Cafe, Nutella
$5 won't get you a long way at this Melbourne cafe. Photo credit: Facebook/ Melbourne Cool

A pop-up café in Melbourne has sparked outrage for selling teaspoons of Nutella for $5.

The café, Spoonful of Sugar, launched their first pop-up store with "sugar-loaded" treats, the catch being these desserts come on teaspoons.

Melbourne, Hipster, Cafe, Nutella
Spoonful of Sugar has a number of treats on offer. Photo credit: Facebook/ Melbourne Cool

On offer is a teaspoon of Naughty Nutella, Blissful Banoffee, Bold Butterscotch, Playful PB & J and Sinful Salted Caramello, all for just five bucks.

The idea hasn't gone down well with the hipster rich society. One person took to Facebook, calling the idea, "the biggest spoonful of sh*t I've ever seen".

"People in this city are literarily surviving on a few dollars a day and some bright spark thought this would be a good way to generate some income," they said.

Many others agreed saying, "This is a joke. Why open a pop up that will get more people laughing at you than buying off you?"

Some even pointed out that a whole jar of Nutella is only $5 so why not go buy a jar instead of just a spoonful.