Molotov cocktail thrown into Paris restaurant, multiple injuries

Emergency services at the scene in Paris.
Emergency services at the scene in Paris. Photo credit: Twitter/BreakingNLive-112

A Molotov cocktail has been thrown into a Paris restaurant.

A dozen people were injured, with three suffering severe burns. Six police officers were among those who received minor injuries.

Around 50 firefighters were called to the five-storey building in Aubervilliers, northern Paris, just after 8:30pm on Sunday night (Paris time; 6:30am NZ time), reports Le Figaro.

Smoke complicated the initial search for potential victims.

Photos on social media showed emergency services at the scene of the attack, with police tape cordoning off the immediate area.

The restaurant has been reportedly destroyed.

Local media reports the incident was a robbery gone wrong, as opposed to terrorism.

Molotov cocktails are glass bottles filled with petrol or another flammable liquid, with a wick made of cloth set alight. When the bottle hits the target it smashes, the petrol lighting up in a fireball.